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Frequently Asked Questions

Extermination Dynamique presents an informative section about its services and about parasites in general. If you do not find your answer, feel free to call us!

Extermination Dynamique

In which cities / regions do you offer your services?

Extermination Dynamique sends its teams out to locations in Greater Montreal, Laval, the North Shore, Sainte-Thérèse, Terrebonne, Blainville, Montreal, the West Island, Châteauguay, Mercier, the South Shore, Brossard, Longueuil, Saint-Hubert, Montérégie, Saint-Hyacinthe and Sorel.

Are your products safe?

All products used by Extermination Dynamique are organic and safe for adults, children and pets.

Do you have a special permit for pesticide application?

Yes, Extermination Dynamique has a permit issued by the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks (MDDEP), allowing us to apply pesticides in full compliance with the law.

Once the appointment is made, what is the sequence of events?

Extermination Dynamique is known for punctuality, discretion (our trucks are not identified) and speed. Before leaving a work site, our staff always ensures that the premises are clean and safe. We explain the methods we used in detail (in writing) and make sure to answer all your questions. In addition, we give you some tips to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

What are the strong points of Extermination Dynamique?

Extermination Dynamique offers very competitive prices. In addition, our employees are located throughout our service territory, allowing us to offer fast service at a good price. The work is often done by the owners. In addition, our family business offers a guarantee on our work.

Insects and Rodents

There are ants in my house. Will they destroy it by eating the wood?
In Quebec, there are over 100 species of ants, and of this number only five are carpenter ants. Carpenter ants tunnel into the wood frame of a house that was hit by bad weather, that is rotten or has a moisture problem. This is why we recommend eliminating old stumps and making sure no wet wood is stored on your property in order to avoid attracting them. If the wood in your home is free of moisture, you should not have any problems. Also, be aware that carpenter ants do not eat the wood they tunnel in, so if you have them in your home you are likely to see little piles of sawdust on the floor.

For other ant species, caulking the access points will prevent them from getting into your home. If you see them in spring or summer there is no need for alarm, but if you see them during the winter, you should inspect the premises or hire an exterminator because it could mean their colony is located in your home. Extermination Dynamique is an ant exterminator – call us!

Are there a more wasps than there used to be?
Every year, the first frosts kill all the wasps, except queens. Queens, responsible for spawning, find refuge and survive the winter. In the spring, they build a nest, lay eggs and take care of organizing and rearing the larvae. At the end of the summer, there will be a large number of adult wasps that will stay around until the first frost, so it is difficult to determine if there are more wasps than the previous year.
Can caterpillars kill a tree?
Although some caterpillar species can cause cosmetic damage to trees by devouring the foliage, it is very rare that they actually kill the tree. However, they may make it more vulnerable to disease or other insects. In general, caterpillars are harmless.
I got bitten by a bedbug, is it dangerous?
Bedbug bites are more annoying than dangerous. They can cause itching and redness, so you will want to get rid of these insects as fast as you can! You may also be allergic to the chemical substance released when they bite. However, the bite marks always clear up by themselves after some time.
After pesticide treatment is it possible to see live specimens?
Yes, some insects may get into your home after an extermination. However, these intruders will quickly die as they come in contact with the treatment.
Is it safe to apply insecticides on my own?
It is not recommended to apply an insecticide yourself. In addition to presenting a risk to the health of the occupants of your home, doing so could just make the enemy more resistant to treatment. If pesticide use is required, only a professional who is licensed for pesticide application in the field of extermination should do so.
I am unable to identify the insect that invaded my house. What should I do?
You can capture a sample and take it to Extermination Dynamique or send us a photo by email. We will identify it and determine the correct treatment.
How can I prevent insects or rodents from getting into my house?
Caulking all entry points will not only save you money on your heating bill, but will prevent unwanted occupants from entering your home. Also, it may help to install screens on windows and doors, keep all pet food in a bowl that closes tightly, dry out damp areas, reduce outdoor lighting and properly maintain the yard. Keep in mind that dead stumps and old logs could attract carpenter ants, and this is something you should avoid at all costs.
Is an intervention by an exterminator really necessary?
If you an invaded by an insect or a rodent, the intervention of a professional can only be beneficial. An exterminator has the knowledge, tools and experience to handle your problem. In some cases, only a thorough internal and external application of specialized products will overcome an infestation. Certainly, anyone can try to be an exterminator, but that does not mean that the operation will be successful. To each his craft, as they say!
A wasp nest is keeping me from going out into my yard. What should I do?
Wasps can build their nests in the most unusual places. In a mailbox, under stairs, in a shed, underground, in a tree… If the nest is accessible and you are the courageous type, it is possible to destroy it after dark. At that time, wasps sleep and you will have more chance of success without getting stung. You will have to cover yourself and avoid pointing a flashlight at the nest, as this could awaken the occupants. Use an insecticide specially designed for wasps. You can also wait for winter, wasps will die of cold and you only have to pick up the nest. This gesture is more symbolic than anything else; a queen never uses the same nest twice. If you do not feel comfortable embarking on such a project, or if the nest is too high off the ground or buried underground, it is highly recommended you call on the services of a pest control specialist.
A wild animal is raising a family under my porch. What should I do?
It is possible to trap wildlife in a cage and relocate it. However, you must be very careful: if an animal feels threatened, it could try to bite and scratch you. As some animal species, such as raccoons and squirrels, can carry rabies, you have to be extremely careful. It is recommended that you call an experienced exterminator to handle this task, since it is not without danger.
There are silverfish in my bathroom. What should I do?
Silverfish like moisture. You must therefore remember to dry any excess moisture. You should eliminate any water leakage, improve the ventilation system and insulate your plumbing. However, if you’re dealing with an infestation, you will want to get rid of it quickly using the services of professional exterminators.
My pet has fleas. What should I do?
If your cat or dog has fleas, there are commercial preparations available to treat them. You can ask a veterinarian for advice on selecting the best one. Also, you should make sure to clean your house thoroughly to remove all eggs, larvae and fleas.

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